Top 5 Supplements For Fat Loss

Top 5 supplements for fat loss

Here are my top 5 supplements for fat loss in my opinion. When I talk abut supplements and fat loss I love to stress that these supplements are designed to help assist your diet and nutrition and are not the complete answer. So you need to ensure you are in a calorie deficit to get the best results from these supplements. 

The goal of my top 5 is to help you maintain as much muscle and burn through as many calories on a daily basis to help you reach your fat loss goal. 

1. Protein

Protein is the building blocks of your muscles, also has a role in everyday functions the body. Protein has a Thermogenic effect and it takes more calories to break down and use in the body. Meaning by having a high protein diet you will burn more calories on a daily basis. Protein supports muscle growth and repair which is important in a calorie deficit and maintaining as much muscle mass as possible through a cut/shred will result in a better outcome.

2. Creatine

Creatine will support and build strength, it will help you maintain your muscle mass throughout a cut/shred. By being able to maintain your strength you will hold onto more muscle throughout your cut/shred will result in a better outcome. We all want to be shredded and have muscle so support muscle mass is important, The more muscle mass you have the more calories burnt by the body on a daily basis.

 3. Adrenal Switch/Magnesium/Recovery Support - adrenal and recovery. Magnesium for recovery.

Adrenal Switch is a product designed to reduce cortisol and allow the body to adapt to stress. By reducing cortisol and stress in the body it will help it burn more fuel and not hold onto it when it feels like its in survival mode from lower calories and stressful workouts. It has Magnesium in it which helps with recovery and supports better sleep. Healthy sleep and sleep patterns will help with dropping body fat. Adrenal Switch also supports healthy hormones balances from better recovery and sleep.

 4. BCAA’s/EAA’s

A good Intraworkout BCAA/EAA Product will help to prevent muscle breakdown during training and protect the muscle you have. It will help with muscle soreness and DOMS post workout. As it protects your muscle tissue it forces the body to look for other fuel sources to break down like fat cells to utilise as energy during and after your workouts.

 5. Fat Burner or Pre workout

When we are dieting we tend to become a little more lazy than usual, take the elevator instead of the stairs when we are feeling low on energy. A Thermogenic or Fat Burner will help give you a boost of energy throughout the day or before training to help maximise your workout and burn more calories. They can help boost overall metabolism, burn more calories from ingredients like caffeine, thyroid function and fat metabolisation. They will also help with appetite suppression.

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