Reset Nutrition Collagen Protein


Size: 900grams
Flavour: Chocolate
Sale price$79.95


Collagen Protein

Over 24g of Protein per scoop

Fat Free

Sugar Free

Dairy Free

Naturally Sweetened with Stevia

Collagen is a fantastic dairy free alternative for anyone looking to get extra protein in their diet, with the added benefits of improving:

Collagen is also incredibly beneficial to:

  • Hair, skin and nails by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, increasing skin hydration and supporting elasticity of the skin
  •  improved gut health and improved sleep  

Collagen Peptides have also been show to boost and strengthens the density of your joints, tendons and cartilage making it a great option for anyone injured or recovering from an injury

Who is this protein for? Anyone that is looking to eliminate dairy or whey proteins from their diet, anyone who suffers from bloating or queezy stomach as this is non-dairy and lactose free.
Reset Nutrition hydrolyzed bovine collagen is a specific combination of bio-active dietary peptide from type 1, 2 and 3 collagen.
  • collagen is the most abundant protein in humans
  • excellent bio-availability and bio-efficacy
  • acid: base balance – alkalizing protein NOT alkaline protein
  • unique amino acid profile
  • AMP-K activation
  • enhanced strength and performance
  • enhanced collagen production for more power and less pain.

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