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Size: 25 Serve
Flavour: Gulity Grape
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Sinner hard-core pre-workout

✅ 6,000mg L-Citrulline
✅ 3,200mg Beta-Alanine
✅ 1,000mg N-Acetyl Tyrosine
✅ 1,000mg Choline L-Bitrate
✅ 350mg Caffeine Anhydrous
✅ 250mg Juniper Berry Extract
✅ 250mg Alpha GPC
✅ 200mg Zynamite®
✅ 200mg English Walnut Extract
✅ 150mg TeaCrine®
✅ 150mg Cocoabuterol®
✅ 100mg L-Theanine
✅ 30mg Synephrine
✅ 20mg Vitamin B3
✅ 100mcg Huperzine-A
✅ 20mcg Satsuma Orange Comcentrate
✅ 10mcg Vitamin B12
☠️WARNING☠️ not built for saints.


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