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ProWater is packed with premium-quality proteins. Protein is a crucial macronutrient that fuels your cells and powers your body. More specifically, It’s the building block of nearly everything that makes you, you! That includes your bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, hair. Now, each bottle of ProWater gives you 25 grams of this goodness–that’s more than one scoop of protein powder! Best of all? You wouldn’t even know it. We’ve gotten rid of that chalky, unpleasant aftertaste you associate with protein waters (but kept all the protein)!

The forms of protein in ProWater include:

Here’s the thing: we want to help you hit your protein intake for the day. That’s why we’ve formulated ProWater with Whey Protein Isolate (WPI, for short), which offers maximal protein content (over 90%) with minimal fat, cholesterol and zero sugar. And even better, it’s lactose-free! Now, you can focus on rebuilding your muscles in the quickest, most effective way possible.

Collagen is your body’s most abundant protein, which decreases with age. It literally glues your bones, cartilage, skin, and blood vessels together. It’s also the stuff that makes your skin look youthful and your joints feel good. Collagen achieves this by maintaining the integrity of your cartilage, which is the rubber-like tissue that protects your joints from over use. It even supports your gut health! Now, we not only want you to perform at your best, but we also want you to look and feel your best. That's why we've engineered every sip of ProWater to deliver hydrolyzed (aka easy-to-digest) collagen to your body.

Other ingredients & benefits include:
When you sweat, you lose more than water. You also lose electrolytes, which are electrical-charged minerals that are in your blood and other body fluids. And when these run low, your body can’t regulate nerve and muscle function, which then leads to complications such as cramps and decreased performance. Not fun. So, to help support your active lifestyle and keep you doing more, ProWater contains critical electrolytes to help replace what you’ve lost.
Do you need sugar in your water? Definitely not. A high-sugar intake is associated with several scary chronic health conditions, like type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease. That's why you'll never find added sugar listed on ProWater's nutrition label. And even with zero sugar, there are zero compromises on our flavours–proving that 'tasty' and 'good-for-you' can coexist, after all.

Need a boost of energy? Prowater contains Green tea extract for that pick me up when you need it most. But also you must have heard of all the health benefits associated with regular consumption of green tea. But let's be honest. Not everyone likes the taste of it. To make it easier for you to harness the goodness of green tea, we've extracted all the antioxidants and put it into ProWater. Now, you can enjoy improved brain function, alertness and fat loss, without having to drink a cup of green tea.

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