PHANTOM XS - Nighttime Thermogemic

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Phantom XS Is An Ultra Premium Non Stimulant, Night Time Thermodynamic Designed To Help You Lose Weight While You Sleep. Formulate With Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic Herbs. Phantom Offers a Safe and Healthy Option For Weight Loss.


Countless hours of research & development were spent to perfect the ultimate stimulant free weight loss supplement. Phantom utilizes a combination of Ayurvedic herbs to trigger your metabolism while you rest. You need to rest to recover, let Phantom™ work while your sleeping.


Because Phantom™ does not contain any stimulants, it is the ideal product to combine with any other Nubreed thermogenic product for increased thermogenesis. It can be taken with Tenacity™, Metadyne™ or any other stimulant product.


Designed with natural diuretics, these ayurvedic herbs have been shown to interact with certain receptor systems in the body attributed to water-loss. In addition it will aid in digestion and also improve the liver and gullbladder functions to eliminate toxins quicker from the body.


Phantom™ contains both isomers of this naturally compound which is typically found in Commiphora Mukul. While it has many therapeutic uses as an anti inflammatory and antioxidant, it’s main effect in Phantom™ is to optimize thyroid output. Thyroid hormones play a major role in the maintenance of metabolic rate and gugguls can help keep this primed for fat burning.

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