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Brutal Energy V2 High-Stim pre-workout took the best energy and focus ingredients from Brutal Energy and amped up the Strength & Performance while adding new natural Mood & Mindset actives to give the ultimate experience of mental and physical energy with a heightened feeling of wellbeing for any type of workout (aerobic or anaerobic).

The Energy & Focus complex ingredients boost mental alertness and elevate mood to make pushing through a mentally tough session easy. Supporting this with Strength & Performance ingredients like citrulline, beta alanine and ATP means you don’t beat your body up into a state of over-training and allows progressive results from the hard work put in during the training session.

B vitamins and BCAA’s support metabolic energy producing functions in the body and provide the energy substrate for working muscles.

The Mood & Mindset lifts you and takes you into ‘the zone’ for an extreme feeling of cognitive agility, switched on attention and improved reaction time.

As with Brutal Energy, the focus is on using natural, safe ingredients, no narcotics in disguise.

Recommended use:

Take 17.7g (1 SCOOP) mixed with 400ml of water 15-20 minutes before training or intense exercise. Also suitable for use during training. Recommended consumption: 1 Serving per day.

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