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MAX’S ATP LOAD'D is our new generation energy enhancing formula designed for athletes who want to maximise short term explosive energy and power needed for intense all-out efforts. This new formula combines clinically dosed PEAK ATP® with 4 potent forms of Creatine to maximise your output in the gym!

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is THE most important compound in your muscles! It generates the energy and power you need for every muscle contraction. If you are an efficient producer of ATP - you can train hard and train long. If your ATP production is compromised - fatigue and loss of strength soon follow.

ATP levels are governed by a number of factors, including fitness, nutritional status, and neuromuscular health. Supplements can also play a key role in ATP levels. Creatine is well known for it's ability to increase energy, maximise ATP, and ultimately accelerate muscle and strength gains.

A relatively new compound that boosts cellular ATP is PEAK ATP®. This oral form of Adenosine Triphosphate has been shown to increase muscle power output and muscle activation during bouts of repeated exercise.

Creatine is a compound that is naturally found in muscle cells. It can be made by your body and you can also get it through your diet, mostly by eating meat. Creatine is very well researched and the verdict is….. Creatine significantly increases power, strength, muscular endurance, and lean muscle gains. It is a must for all serious trainers. Creatine actually works by boosting your muscle’s ability to generate and maintain ATP levels.

Creatine levels in your muscles can be increased beyond natural levels by taking a Creatine supplement. Regular ingestion of Creatine can increase intramuscular levels by up to 20%. Studies confirm these elevated levels increase muscular energy and power resulting in more intense workouts and big muscle gains in just a few short weeks.

MAX’S ATP LOAD’D is a potent and concentrated ATP boosting formula designed to help athletes increase energy and power during training or sport. 

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